How to purify water in an emergency and avoid Expensive Bottled drinking Water!


Begin to learn a simple practical technology for purifying water in emergencies as well as for everyday use says Michael Norton in his book 365 Ways to Change the World.


It is called SODIS and this is how it works: get hold of a transparent plastic bottle. Wash well before first-time use. Use PET plastic bottles rather than PVC.

Fill the bottle three-quarters full with water from a local water source such as a stream or a river. The water should not be muddy. Shake to aerate the water – the dissolved oxygen helps in the purification process. Then fill completely and screw on the tap.


Place the bottle on a corrugated metal roof in strong sunlight for one full day. The heating of the water and the Ultra-Violet radiation together destroy the micro-organisms which cause water-borne diseases.

Pour into a cup and drink up!


Try this for yourself, as an act of solidarity with those who have no alternative.

Then share the technology with others.

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