For the planet we can make our own Composting LOOS!

For the planet we have to fall in love with Human Manure?!


We flush away human waste as quickly as we can. And it is left to run into rivers, lakes, the sea, causing havoc. Untreated effluent infects rivers and seas with algae to bloom and reduces oxygen.

But human manure is actually a boon which we can use to save the planet, says Michael Norton in his book 365 ways to Change the World.


This is what Michael Rouse, former chief drinking-water inspector had to say “If Britain were planning sewage disposal from scratch today, we wouldn’t flush it all away, we would collect the solids and compost them.”


Composting toilets are the answer for today. Composting Toilet World, which describes itself as ‘the official website of composting toilets’:


Composting toilets use little or no water; they are not connected to an expensive sewage system, they cause no environmental damage; and they product compost as a by-product, which you can use in your garden – or sell!


Can anything be more magical than this information? You can make your own composting toilet. One is the batch system which uses a container that is filled, then replaced with an empty container! The composting process is finished inside the filled container. In a continual process system, the waste moves downwards and is harvested as compost after about six months.


If you are not a great carpenter, you can buy a composting toilet says this book. You can have fun choosing from the many kinds available! Go to the Composting Toilet World website for more information!

You can also read The Humanure Handbook which is a guide to composting human manure. The authors claim that ‘after reading this book, you will never flush a toilet with indifference again!’


To build your own get plans from:


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