Become a Guerrilla Gardener for the Planet!

Become a guerrilla Gardener and fight the concrete mess in your town!


Armed with trowels, seeds and vision, you can garden everywhere. Anywhere: Guerrilla Gardeners.


Concrete is crushing down our towns and covering up soil, driving sparrows away, creating heat platforms everywhere. Meet the Guerrilla Gardeners and learn from them, says Michael Norton in his book 365 Ways to Change the World.


Guerilla Gardeners are people who anonymously plant herbs, flowers and vegetables on vacant lands, in cracks in the pavements and by the sides of roads and footpaths.


Planting-as-protest, began in the 1970’s when this group called the Green Guerrillas brought a brand new tender green hopeful voice to New York! These urban horticulturists lobbed seed grenades, (Christmas tree ornaments filled with soil and wildflower seeds) into hundreds of abandoned, crumbling building sites, turning them into small community gardens blooming with flower and vegetable plots!


Their magical logo was “ Resistance is Fertile!”


We can become these gardening guerrillas anywhere we please, right in our very own neighbourhoods! All we need is some seeds and a small bag of soil. A trowel and watering can, used packaging, recycled, some friends, and a lot of creativity.


We can make tiny herb gardens and put up notice boards about their names and their uses for health and healing, flowers for joy, and healing like the marigold, edible plants for cooking etc. and all those plants that help to fight indoor air pollution: philodendrons, ivies, Spider Plants, orchids, Chrysanthemums and many more!



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