Treat your garden to Starbucks coffee for the planet!

Starbucks Free Coffee


If you start to feel a little guilty about not helping the poor planet to survive plastics, vanishing rainforests, dead or dying plants and animals, maybe you could just do a small thing, try out Starbucks Free Coffee says Michael Norton in his book 365 Ways to Change the World.


Starbucks and other coffee house chains use a lot of coffee and the good thing is that coffee will love your garden while your garden will love it back!


Coffee grounds make excellent fertilizer for your soil. They have a high nitrogen content and also are slightly acidic . So dry leaves and grass, mixed with the grounds make a very good mix which can be used to enrich your garden soil so you can grow prize-winning marrows or tomatoes, or potatoes or even marigolds!


Or you can feed coffee to your worms in your vermin-composter!


Go into your local Starbucks and ask for a bag of used coffee grounds. Starbucks is giving these away free! Use them for your composting according to instructions! And even if in your area there is no Starbucks, remember to use up your own coffee grounds for this treat to your garden! Being a great coffee lover I always have plenty for my composting and my coffee grounds never let me down!

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