Let us choose coconut waste instead of peat and stop wrenching parrots from their native lands!

Peat is now being exploited from many countries and it is environmental damage!

P1320095 (1)


We can use many other alternatives like compost made from coconut waste!

We can even make our own home made compost with kitchen waste. Peat alternatives also have the added advantage of dealing with waste that might otherwise land up in incinerators or land-fill sites, says Tony Juniper in his book 95 ways to save Planet Earth.


We must avoid buying wild-caught animals as pets, he says. Between 40 and 70 per cent of all birds captured die before they even left their home country, say studies done in both Africa and the Americas. Yet more die during international shipment. Consumers receive a fraction of the total birds caught.

One sad example is that of wild-caught parrots which become unbearable as pets. The ‘lucky’ ones that survive suffer from a depressing psychoses: they growl in fear, they scream at 120 decibels, they pluck out their own feathers, and they bite.

Parrots torn from their natural habitat rarely make happy pets. Most of them end up at parrot rescue centres. Tormented parrots live a life of misery and fear, totally torn away from their roots. “The huge number of unwanted pet parrots languishing in rescue centres is a scandal in itself” says this author.






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