Cat-gardening chronicles 37

How to keep our 2nd Gardener out of Netflix!


If you love your cat-gardener you must water your Spider Plant!

If cats looking for a job think that cat-gardening must be tough, what with all that watering (uggh!) they need to know some vital facts.


The actual cat gardening involves no watering at all. You just have to learn the magic trick of being in the right place at the right time, in the garden! If you sit long enough by the spider plant, looking glum and meek, you might get the second gardener, the one below you, to water it twice, in this heat, and to perhaps make an extra one with those baby cuttings that come up so easily out of this delightful plant.


Most of us cats are in love with this kissable plant which gives us something of a small high, like catnip. But it is also good to hang one of these beauties in the bathroom or the living room or wherever, to purify indoor air for you!


Gardening is somewhat like the clever cook who you should employ on a somewhat ghastly, horrendous day of woes, worries, witless ghouls and a mountain of misery sitting down upon you, crushing you! Then this cook will go to the small store at the back of the kitchen from where he will dig out all those left overs, those forgotten little bits and pieces of boxes and packets of soups, pastas, quick desserts or curries you can make in minutes….to feed yourself a treat!


In the garden it means you will go to the terrace where only you visit, to find that every plant there has put out extras, to just cut away, and replant for brand new gifts to give away or to arrange the home with free jewels. The succulents are the great favourites these days – we keep finding them in several pots along with the good old philodendron that has filled up someone’s long ago gifted kettle with its heart shaped gold-bronze leaves.


Then there are those roses, snug inside the Panasonic that comfort the second gardener, below us, (who does the watering, thank heaven,) for never growing in this garden because of the mesh keeping the sunlight away from them! The mesh is to keep the dogs away from us! So all in all, roses inside a camera, and us around the ivies and the lemon grass, are quite a handful for everyone. And somehow we hope to keep the second gardener away from Netflix and that dratted third season of Fargo she is dying to watch, at least till she gets enough of the sunlight on her bones!

DSCN3757 (1)


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