Thursday’s Door is too dressed up to be taken to McDonalds for lunch!

An ancient 500 year old temple in Vrindavan near Agra


The Govind Dev temple in Vrindivan near Agra, was built  by Raja Man Singh during 1590 with red sandstone donated by Emperor Akbar. It was left over from the construction of the Red Fort in Delhi making them siblings.


The temple was plundered by Emperor Aurangzeb and now only three stories of the structure still stands. But it is a serene glorious temple inhabited by many cheeky monkeys who grandly lead you inside like the best guides you could ask for as they don’t bore you to death nor do they beg for alms like the guide who latched on to us did!


The monkeys however will grab your phone, camera, spectacles, handbags and anything else they can find! Then they give it to a local shop owner in exchange for nuts and other delicacies. You can almost always get back your belongings from this shop! The monkeys add a gentle cheeky glory to this very ancient temple!

the temple reader

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2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Door is too dressed up to be taken to McDonalds for lunch!

    1. yes by chance as the cab driver with cunning greed intent generously took us to the place though it was not on our packet! He stuck us with a guide who tried to bully us to pay up to the Gods to save our souls and everything we owned, had, did not have etc!


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