Don’t collect South Africa’s dreadful ‘national flower’! Make a jute bag!


There are now over 46,000 pieces of plastic waste in every square mile of the world’s oceans. Plastic bag litter kills at least 100,000 birds, whales, seals and turtles every year says Michael Norton in his book 365 ways to change the world!


Bags that we use for just a few minutes may last for between 15 and 1000 years! One farmer in Australia found eight plastic bags in the stomach of a dead calf. The loss of this calf cost him 500 $.

In South Africa there are so many bags in the countryside they are now being called the ‘national flower’!


I even sleep on a jute bag!

In Ireland a strict law has brought down plastic bag usage by 90 per cent.


Planet Ark has a book called Greeniology – how to live well, be green, make a difference, at Onelessplasticbag, a fabric bag that folds up to put in your pockets:


It should also be fun to design and create our very own home made reusable bags out of all the stuff right in front of our eyes! That old thick cotton sari or dress you never wore, or that bottle green cumbersome coat you never liked or some other unused piece of cotton, jute, cambric, linen lying around waiting to become your brand new green shopping bag!

3 thoughts on “Don’t collect South Africa’s dreadful ‘national flower’! Make a jute bag!

  1. I think every country around the world should ban them and stop making plastic bags! I have handmade shopping bags but still use them because they are offered at the grocery. thanks for the reminder, I”ll skip using them and just do my shopping bags.


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