Ghouls from French Television series trap you in Le Chalet for a convoluted treat!

I like a SNACK when watching ghouls on the telly!


If you have plans to refurbish the kitchen or the bookshelves, or are going to plant some begonias in the garden, don’t sit down to watch Le Chalet! This is yet another sly, slithering, slimy and very well plotted chiller from France which had already kept us hooked with the very gripping Le Mante.

P1300489 (1)

This one is a six part television serial on Netflix that wraps its claws around you with dark stories surrounding a chalet in a wild, faraway place in France. A party of young friends gather there to attend a wedding but before that, the bridge between the chalet high above the mountains and the normal world below, collapses after which death drops down upon the wedding guests, one by one!


Secrets from the  past, 20 years ago, slither out of the silence and the edgy company. No one is safe. Love, greed, trust, faith falter as the isolation mounts. The red herrings are cleverly arranged around the crumbling human population and you are swept away by the tide till the surprise ending leaves you as satisfied as if you had just finished sweeping out all the trash that fell from the neighbour’s dustbin, into your garden. And you now deserved a snack like a hot cup of chocolate or apple pie! The last couple of minutes is especially cheering!



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