Ads promising Magic Healing have been banned….and reported to the Government for further action

I just walk away from QUACKS! I get exercise and save my money for catnip!


The following advertisements were considered to be, prima facie, in violation of The Drugs & Magic Remedies Act and are being referred to the Ministry of Health for further action: says

The Advertising Standards Council of India which has banned them.


One was Safed Daag: this means White Spot. It claims to be the best Ayurvedic medicine for white spots since 1934. The colour of the spot immediately changes and immediately merges with the natural colour of the skin.

The second advertisement was: Indiyya Distribution Network Llp (Maha Shikar Vati) Best way to increase height naturally.

The third ad was Faith’s Pranic Healing Camp: Get healed of all physical and psychological ailments like diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and PCOD and cancer.

These are all reckless dangerous advertisements promising cures for incurable ailments without proof of efficacy and are likely to be punished by the Government health bodies.



Don’t believe anything you read! Then you will live longer!


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