Sureksha Pharma is pulled up by Advertising Standards Council of India for illegal ad about Kanthari Plus capsule

It gives me Alzheimer’s just to read this stupid advertisement!





Sureksha Pharma is the latest quack online selling its Kanthari Plus Capsules which it assures readers of its ad, will cure Alzheimer’s, thyroid, diabetes, obesity, eye sight, etc. The ASCI has banned its ad, feeling that this illegal ad could tempt buyers to use it without proper medical guidance.

The diseases it claims to cure are also serious.

In its website the ASCI says:

COMPANY:Sureksha Pharma 
PRODUCT:Kanthari Plus Capsules


“”The advertisement claims that the capsule which they sell can cure heartblock, Cholesterol, diabetics, obesity, eye sight, Alzheimer’s, kidney function, thyroid. The advertisement is ambiguous, misguiding and illegal even. This tempts the reader to consume this capsule without proper medical guidance. And the diseases for which they offer cure are serious.


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