Cat-Gardening Chronicles 37

Cat-gardening in the RUINS!


Woke up inside almost total darkness. Inside this hole of everything not functioning, news about little girls having been brutalized and killed, covered up the ruins with fresh red blood and futility.


Then the garden as usual beckoned with its pretty frocks of bottle green ivy that never forget to shimmer and shine on the terrace, like a bottomless drawer of ivy gold! I had been away for a month and the cancerous Help had not cleaned up the terrace. It was clogged with plants, many drying from not being watered, a thunderous mound of extra pots, broken ones, soil, mess and muddle everywhere.


I began to first water the thirsty ones, and then swept out the rubble which always means one finds new plants to get cuttings from, so that a chore becomes a treasure hunt with us always the winners!


I could carry twelve fresh new plants downstairs to refresh the small garden in front which had been devastated under the Maid’s uncaring watch! The market kitten helped a lot by running around and bumping into me and giving me minor heart attacks, as many as she could, so I would be well prepared to deal with the real one when it came!


The other cat-gardeners felt it was too hot to do the watering, and preferred to point out the ones that needed a drink and also that the weeding had to be done. They also stationed themselves near the dried up plants so I could get rid of them and finally they demonstrated to me the importance of a nap in the dreary season of drought and a lazy, nasty HELP!


Then the butterflies came to remind me that all gruesome gutters finally become fresh and bright with the aid of furry helpers! And then comes payment time: catnip and mackerel with rice!

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