Tender messengers for eight year old Asifa Bano who died too soon



Hello Dear little Asifa Bano

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It is difficult to write to a tiny human who was torn apart, tattered, mangled and mauled by six thugs whom even hell may not accept.


I am sure that wherever you are now, will be better than with us, who are left to shudder with the horror of what you endured in a temple, of all places, where none of us were there to help you.


The whole of India, the one with souls, is bathed in the shame and sorrow of not being inside the hell that grabbed you. But all our hearts beat with your agony and are only able to breathe a little, because the six fiends have been caught.


But then, we saw the video of your last song, on You Tube, when you were alive and well, and your voice embraced your mother and father who are now torn apart for ever. They had to flee the place where you were mauled and lost to them, for their safety. More shame and despair for us…


I wish I hadn’t seen it, you singing with that little knot of hair on top of your head, as it made the entire mountain of horror rise up again, to smother us with its agony. But we must endure all the darkness for your sake and to ensure it does not happen to any other little girl ever again.


I was visiting the Delhi zoo yesterday where I saw a clutch of deer sitting there and remembered that your mother had described you as a little deer because you ran so fast. Agony again, a river of rage and hopeless shame engulfed the nation. Do you know that the brightest of Bollywood stars mourned, wept and spoke up for you? So did writers, poets, students, children, everyone who cannot stop aching for you…


Forgive us little girl, only eight, and brutalized by ghouls. We are all responsible and we will always endure one dark hole of shame and suffering for having chosen the ruler of this country who cannot protect little souls…..


this letter to you is not from us humans, we don’t deserve you. It is from the silent real angels of this world who alone deserve to write to you and to gain your forgiveness….


These squirrels and butterflies are for you alone, to forgive us….


13 thoughts on “Tender messengers for eight year old Asifa Bano who died too soon

  1. Forgive me…but who is this precious Angel you write of. Being an American, I’m not sure. What you wrote is one of the most touching things I’ve ever seen. I do hope and pray your wounded souls will be touched and blessed by the Almighty Father…and that you feel the comfort of His Holy Spirit wrapped around you and your nation.🙏💚🌟 Andrea.


    1. Andrea she was a little girl living near Kashmir in India and was the child of poor farmers. She was a Muslim child and was herding their horses when she was attacked by a gang of eight wicked Hindu men belonging to another caste, as there was a land dispute problem. she was killed to frighten her family to leave the place where they had some property. it was planned with care as a threat. now all 8 men are in prison and today was the first day of their trial. The entire nation rose up to fight for her case. it is heartrending. thank you for your prayers. they are really needed. daksha

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      1. Hello there sweetheart. I m writing this to tell you of a beautiful little song I thought might fit for this dear child. It’s called “If I die young”. It’s done by a band called THE BAND PERRY.You can find the lyrics and video on YouTube.
        It’s such a beautiful and touching song done from the perspective of a young girl who died too soon.
        I do think you’ll like it. Just a thought.
        My prayers continue to be with you and your nation. Try to be at Peace. The child will never have to suffer the indecency of man again.
        And now…she’s safe, wanted, and so very much loved……….and happy.
        Be brave my dear friend.God is with you all.

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  2. thank you very much Andrea. How kind of you to take so much trouble. it is such a harrowing time that every bit helps to endure this ghastly shame on our country and its Prime Minister who is useless. you are right. she is safe and well now while her family grieves…daksha

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    1. Listen to the song..and tell her family, or those who knew her not to grieve…but to rejoice that God has spared her from any more horrors! Tell them to turn their grief into strength..to honor her resilience and memory. I continue my prayers…Yours in Christ Jesus..Your sister…Andrea.


      1. thank you very much Andrea! I am sure God must be keeping her safe and well now and her parents are relieved that the 8 people have been caught and are on trial now. we must pray that they do not win this case…

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    1. thank you very much Andrea. it helps so much to read your messages. I am still in shock and so are all women in India though we did not even know her. now in England our Prime Minister is not going to be welcomed at all on his visit which is another good sign that everyone cares!

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  3. You see how God is separating him from all those who feed his ego. The man will be shown the error of his ways….but, my dear, the question is…Will you (and your people) be willing to forgive the guilty parties and the government,.. so that God can heal and bless your hearts…and nation.?
    That will be the true test of your people’s faith.
    But I have faith….that God will not allow his people’s hearts to be hardened….and they Will be Healed!🙌🙏 Amen and Amen!🎆🌠🙌 Andrea.

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  4. This case was heartbreaking but definitely not shocking because apparently such case have become daily news for us in India. It saddens me that a developing nation so wide cannot bring justice to its women. We have a long way to go when it come to women safety and respect. I love how you are trying to reach out to people with your writing like many other who share their concern and fear. There is a need to educate children but the conservative society that we are forbids us from even mentioning rapes to children and that is probably the reason why they are unable to tell apart right from wrong. The youth needs to be taught.
    Recently even I wrote a poem on the Asifa Case portraying forward my disgust and anger towards the corrupt system and people who drag politics and religion into an issue like this. Its just not humane. Please do check it out once. The least we can do as individuals is try to make people understand by putting forward out thoughts.

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    1. Yes you are right. it is heartbreaking, horrendous. still can’t breathe every time I hear the next news about her and so many other babies that have been raped – even an eight month old! what is happening to us? Dubai recently shot dead a man for raping a five year old. could this be the answer? at least the Supreme Court is now taking keen interest in this case and the Unnao creep has been found guilty…so we can breathe for a while, I read your poem and cried again! we are so helpless!


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