The carbon footprint of driving your car!


If you want to know how much your car driving is hurting the planet read Mike-Berners-Lee’s interesting book How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything.


He has ten good reasons for reducing the footprint of our car use:


Use the train, bike or bus when you are travelling alone. Typical saving is a whopping 40-98 per cent!


Put more people in the car! Typical saving: 50-80 per cent.


Join a car sharing scheme.


Drive a small, efficient car. Typical saving: 50 per cent compared with the average car.


Avoid rush hour.


Drive safely.


Keep the windows up when driving fast and the air conditioning off. Typical saving: 2 per cent.


Look after your car.


Drive at 60 miles per hour on motorways.




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