What is your car’s carbon footprint?

What are the carbon footprints of your car?


If you choose to travel in heavy traffic, you and your car cause three times the emissions of the same drive on a clear road.


Mike Berners-Lee in his book How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything is able to make us feel guilty about many of our favourite choices in daily living! You are likely to think twice about your packages of shopping as you pick up bananas, strawberries, red roses, cheese and much more! While it is a fun book, it also makes you shop with the planet right behind your back, breathing down gently on you!

A clogged and congested commute by car: 22 kg CO2e five miles of crawling each way in an average car: Every working day for a year would be 4.8 tonnes CO2e more than flying from London to Hong Kong and back!


Remember also that the stress and anguish that you feel in rush hour is the same you will inflict on others! Also remember to treat cyclists with care and respect as they cut everyone’s journey time!

The best way to reduce your carbon footprint by car would be to stay home and read or garden!


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