Our carbon footprint by taking a bath!


Your carbon footprint for taking a bath


We all enjoy a good bath! And Mike Berners-Lee tells us what our carbon footprint can be around this daily pleasure in his thoughtful book How Bad Are Bananas?” The Carbon Footprint of Everything.


Zero CO2e heated by solar energy.

0.5 kg CO2e modestly filled efficient gas boiler.

1.1 kg CO2e generously filled, efficient gas boiler

2.6 kg. CO2e generously filled electric water heating.


A wild swim comes out best of all!


Baths are necessary and even the most luxurious one need not make us feel too bad as long as it is not electrically heated!


For some reason watching my cats as they wash themselves so often and so vigorously, often coaxes me to bathe twice a day, especially on hot days! But since I have a solar water heater, this makes me feel less guilty!

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