Cat-gardening Chronicles 35

Saturday will be my No Shopping Day!


I will try not to spend the whole day in dreaming of catnip!

Though that would certainly be better than shopping for anything at all! Unless it is to check out some gourmet cat food?

Then there is the joy of spending Saturday with roses and ducks. What could be better than that?


And then there is the urgent need to do some composting.

Read up all the books about greening the planet!


Remembering to put cut flowers totally out of our shopping list!

Growing herbs and lemon grass, spider plants and maybe one more patch of CATNIP?


Repairing all the leaking taps in the house and garden.


Trying to stay calm as a duck when the neighbour leaves her motor running fifteen minutes longer than she should have!


Talking to roses! Reading up on more gardening books.


2 thoughts on “Cat-gardening Chronicles 35

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