Jolly Fat-Go Slimming capsules take Fat Consumers for a Ride!


I Recommend Exercise instead of these capsules!


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The Advertising Standards Council of India has banned the advertisement of Jolly Health Care for its product Jolly Fat- Go Slimming Capsules, claiming to remove fat with just one capsule morning and evening. It claims to use 15 effective herbs to make this capsule and then says that it is India’s trusted brand since 12 years for weight control!

But the ASCI found all these claims to be incorrect and without any proof of their powers and banned the ad!

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I am not opening my purse to buy rubbish!

Jolly Organic Health Care is an online store selling Tulsi drops, Jolly slim oil, slim chocolate powder, sunset gold oil, anti piles etc. These items are prized at Rs. 144, 177, 237 etc. But on its website the ASCI has said that these claims are unsubstantiated:

. Jolly Health Care (Jolly Fat – Go Slimming Capsules) : The advertisement’s claims “Remove unwanted fat by consuming one capsule in morning and evening”, “Advanced and ayurvedic formula which is made from the best mixture of 15 effective herbs which works well to control weight” and “Trusted brand of India since 12 years for weight control” were not substantiated and are misleading by exaggeration .

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