We can all do without cut flowers for the planet!

DSCN0303Our liking for cut flowers and the Planet!


No shopping for cut flowers today! We can grow our own flowers!

The horrifying truth about our planet is that we are globally cutting down or burning about 13 million hectares of rainforest per year.


A hectare of deforestation causes 500 tonnes CO2e: that’s equivalent to an average car driving 100,000 miles – 28 times around the world says Mike Berners-Lee in his book How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything!


Anything that increases the land we need for agriculture drives deforestation. This includes high-meat diets, cut flowers and biofuel crops!


So every one of us can make a beginning by never ever buying cut flowers! The truth is that flowers look better on a plant, outside, in the garden. And if you must have cut flowers, grow your own and bring them inside. But buying cut flowers from expensive floral sellers, which have come by flight from far off countries, also filled with pesticides is not at all a good idea!


So every time we consider buying cut flowers for someone’s birthday, or for a party or for a wedding, we should walk away from that temptation and start gardening to make our own roses!

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