Reading is a low-carbon activity and will please our Planet!

Reading a book should make the Planet very happy!


Those of us who love reading and still get hooked by a very good book despite the newest magic on Netflix will be glad to know that overall reading is a low-carbon activity!


After all, when we read, we don’t go shopping for the next best whatever is on sale! Mike Berners-Lee in his book How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Copy of Everything says it’s hard to drive or shop while you read. “For a short while, a gripping novel halts the consumerist lifestyle in its tracks.”


400 g CO2e recycled paper, with every copy printed being sold

one kg Co2e average

2 kg CO2e the same book on thick virgin paper, with half the copies being pulped.


The carbon footprint of a typical paperback is about the same as watching 12 hours of programmes on an average TV, he says.


So if we keep reading gripping books, we won’t go shopping for cut flowers, beef burgers, and BOTTLED WATER!



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