Herbal Creations (Herbo Gold Tulsi Power) misleads consumers with ridiculous claims for curing dangerous illnesses, says ASCI


The Advertising Standards Council of India had to pull up the firm Herbal Creations (Herbo Gold Tulsi Power) for making misleading claims of its powers in their advertisement.

This product is selling on Amazon priced at around ten dollars. It appears to have miraculous powers as it says vaguely that it is helpful in dengue, swine flu, chikungunya, malaria, joint pain, stones, obesity and many more dangerous, serious ailments!

In its website the ASCI says:

Herbal Creations (Herbo Gold Tulsi Power): The advertisement’s claim, “Helpful in dengue, swine flu, chikungunya, plague , malaria, joint pain, stones, obesity, blood pressure, sugar, hepatitis, burn, urine related diseases, asthma, piles, pain of eyes, ringworm, scabies, haemorrhage, swelling of lungs, ulcer, lack of semen, heart blockage etc.”, were inadequately substantia ted and are misleading by exaggeration.

Recent studies have shown that herbal medicines are often found contaminated with lead and other pesticides. So consumers should stay away from so called herbal products that are selling all over Amazon!


Don’t shop online for Herbal Creations!

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