A toilet roll and our Carbon Footprint!

A toilet roll and your carbon footprint? We cats never use toilet paper!


Nobody likes to talk about their toilet roll usage and the way it concerns our carbon footprint! But if we also remember those gentle, serene, heartwarming trees that are also connected to this usage, we know things must change!


Mike Berners-Lee in his book How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything tells us that if you have the typical North American wiping habit, your carbon footprint comes out at 75 kg CO2e per year!


The typical North American supposedly uses 57 sheets of toilet roll per day. That seems excessive says the writer! The figure comes from the ToiletPaperWorld.com website! The Worldwatch Institute puts annual consumption at 23 kg per year for a North American, 1.8 kg per year for an Asian and just 400 g for the average African.


A sense of economy is in order, he says! If everyone could halve their usage, it would not harm them.

And we all know that more trees would remain for our hearts and souls! And haven’t we noticed how cats wash themselves? They use no paper, they look cool, and they care for the planet! So can’t we learn one more Zen like serene sensible eco friendly thing from them?!

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