Maruthi Courier firm blames Natural Causes for its bad service…

Better to trust the Post Office than the courier service?


A courier firm which had not delivered goods worth almost Rs. three lakhs for a consumer blamed a natural calamity for its bad service when it was ordered to pay up a solid compensation to the Hawamahal Sari Emporium in Jaipur by the National Consumer Forum, Delhi.


Maruthi Speed Courier undertook to deliver five boxes valued at Rs. 2,97,000 for Hawamahal Saree Emporium but the goods never reached the destination. When the Emporium did not get a proper reply for this rotten service and served a legal notice to the courier firm it claimed that there was fire by short-circuit in its godown and this being a natural calamity, it was not responsible for the loss.

The sari emporium filed a complaint with the consumer forum in Jaipur which found the courier service guilty of deficient service and ordered it to pay a hefty compensation for its bad service.

Maruthi Speed Courier went in appeal to the highest court in Delhi, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission which also found it guilty of bad service and dismissed its appeal saying that a fire by short-circuit was not a natural calamity and could not be condoned!



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