Zenlabs advertises products making unproven claims of efficacy

 The lesser we shop the healthier we are!


The Advertising Standards Council of India has found one more pharmaceutical company, among many others alas, guilty of making unproven claims for their products in advertising. Using a celebrity to promote their medicines for treating ailments like weakness, tension, trauma, ageing etc. Zenlabs Ethica Ltd. (Zenivot Tonic and Capsules) seem to have forgotten to add any evidence to prove their claims!


In its website the ASCI has said:

. Zenlabs Ethica Ltd (Zenivot Tonic and Capsules): The advertisement’s claims, “Zenovit Multivitamin, Minerals Antioxidant, Soft gel Capsule”, “Tension, Weakness, Immunity, Trauma, Ageing, Pregnancy, Anaemia. Very effective in above mentioned states”, were not substantiated with any technical rationale regard ing the RDA levels of the ingredients nor did they provide any evidence of product efficacy. The claims are misleading by exaggeration. T he visual of the celebrity when seen in conjunction with the unsubstantiated claims, is likely to mislead consumers re garding product efficacy.


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