Sunday’s flowers say no to out of season cut flowers!

Sunday’s flowers say no to out of season cut flowers


Out of season cut flowers are not a good choice for shopping if you care for the environment. They have the largest carbon footprint per pound generated at the tills, says Mike Berners-Lee in his book How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything.


But even worse is the fact that all commercial cut flowers use land that could otherwise be growing food! They are connected to huge emissions and pressure on land.


Persons really bothered about the environment do not even like to give cut flowers as gifts or waste them on gifts, prayers etc. much preferring to grow and give the whole plant which makes much more sense!


Longer life indoor plants are a dramatically less carbon-intensive option!


Then there is the even more important fact that many indoor plants have been proven to help clear up indoor air pollution: one of them being orchids! Or you could grow a spider plant in the bathroom or a chrysanthemum too!





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