Check out your low carbon food platter!

How we can eat to protect the planet!


It is nice to know that we don’t have to do something really difficult and dangerous to save the planet. It is as easy as changing our food habits, says Mike Berners-Lee in his delightful book How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint Of Everything.

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He tells us to eat what we buy! Ask people how much they would like before you serve them. In India one major problem is the irritating way we pamper guests, and serve them more than they can finish. Then at weddings, we heap food on the plates of all the guests and the waste is frightening!

This book tells us to eat the skins. Clean the plates, pick the carcass! Keep vegetables in the fridge so they last longer. Rotate the contents of your cupboards so the old stuff is before you, to be finished.


Eradicating waste is worth a 25 per cent saving for the average shopper!

Reduce meat and dairy. We will live a little longer, save money and reduce our emissions.

Eat seasonal food and avoid hothouses and air freight.


Buy misshapen fruit and vegetables. Stimulate demand for the huge quantities of produce that get thrown away just because of their shape. The colossal waste can be curbed.

Recycle your packaging. Use it to wrap gifts, or save other stuff inside it. Be creative.

Lower-carbon cooking. Most of us forget that water boils at the same temperature however much heat we apply! So when we cook food, a gentle boil is just as good as a furious one! Turn out the gas when you are not using it. Use the microwave whenever possible.


The savings with all these small changes can add up to 65 per cent! Which is really very good!

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