Wordless Wednesday’s Green Gardening!

Wordless Wednesday: grow a green gift somewhere today!


In the 365 ways to change the world by Michael Norton my favourite is: Plant a community garden. He tells a wonderful story about two garden mad persons called Graham and Bob who in 1998 planted a small tree in the communal area outside their apartment. They added lovely borders and then began to maintain the lawn. Some other residents began to join in and new gardens came out of all this gardening magic, with the landlord helping out! The Garden Co-operative was entirely voluntary!


The whole estate is now filled with gardens! It was once a run down estate! Today Cavendish Gardens is a marvelous example of how two individuals with hearts of golden gardening made such a difference to the world around them!


You can even add some magic to your own little garden, even the space outside your garden gate, by covering the cemented path with pots full of plants. It would be wonderful to nurture flowers and plants that are dying out due to deforestation and loss of soil and greenery due to profiteering builders and other eco killers!


These are some of the plants that need to be brought back from the dark: begonias, cactus, orchids, geraniums and many creepers!



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