Wordless Wednesday: Pamper your baby without buying Pampers!

Give reusable nappies a go!

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I never buy disposable nappies! Its not cool at all!


Here is more information about disposable nappies and how they gobble up trees!

Seven million trees are felled to manufacture the nearly 3 billion disposable nappies that are needed to supply the UK market each year says Michael Norton in his book 365 ways to change the world.


In the USA the story is worse! Each year, parents and babysitters dispose of about 18 billion disposable nappies which consume nearly 100,000 tons of plastic and 800,000 tons of tree pulp in the process. The estimated cost of disposal is 350 $ million a year!


The Women’s Environment Network encourages the use of washable cotton nappies and co-ordinates Real Nappy Week, which is held in the UK at the end of March each year. For general advice you can contact NappyLine: www.uknappyline.co.uk


Give reusable nappies a go, says this wonderful book crammed with eco friendly tips. A modern, fitted, reusable nappy is a very good idea. You will find that you can pamper your baby without buying Pampers, and you will save money at the same time.


The cost of kitting out a baby with reusable nappies can be as little as 50 pounds. Even if you add the cost of washing them, you will save around 500 pounds for each baby!


In India too where home help is available, cotton nappies are a much better choice but everyone seems to be buying disposables now alas!

Check the internet for suppliers of reusable nappies. Babygroe produces a catalogue of green, recycled, organic and ethical products. www.babygroe.co.uk

Also contact Real Nappy Networks run by mums using cloth nappies.


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