Has your cheeseburger informed you about your carbon footprint?!!!

Check out your carbon footprint when you eat a cheeseburger and when you change to a veggie burger!


I am a Veggie and I love it!


Nuts are better than flesh and bones!

If you treat yourself to a cheeseburger each day, that’s a massive 910 kg. CO2e per year – the same as driving 1500 miles in a fairly efficient car and just over one month’s worth of ration in the 10-tonne lifestyle, says Mike Berners-Lee in his cheering and refreshing book How Bad are Bananas? In it he gives us the carbon footprint (that nasty devil who hammers at the Planet) of everything!


A veggie burger: 1 kg CO2e

4 ounce Cheeseburger: 2.5 kg CO2e

The cheeseburger provides 515 calories. If this were the only type of food you ate, the average man would need about five burgers per day providing he didn’t take much exercise! If you decided to recklessly treat yourself to this somewhat crazy diet, and lived for a year without killing yourself, you would cause about 4.6 tonnes of carbon emissions just through your food!


Then there is that nice veggie burger! It will not harm an animal to fill up your tummy, it will be just as tasty, and it will certainly make you live longer!


Have you tried a crispy fried cheese burger made of grilled aubergine, halloumi and harissa relish for a Middle Eastern turn on the classic veggie burger? Go to bbcgoodfood for a treasure box of quick, easy, delicious, mouth watering recipes for veggie burgers. They can be made in minutes with store box ingredients! There is the chickpea and coriander burger, which meat eaters are sure to want to try out too! So check out the blog by Georgina Kiely, Writer, bbc.goodfood.com! These burgers are refreshingly different, healthier and cheaper too.


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