Are you a saint for the planet?

Are you an eco sinner or a socially minded saint? Asks Michael Norton in his book 365 ways to change the world!


Here are ten more things you can do to be that saint.


Perform an occasional random act of kindness to a complete stranger.

Buy local and support local small businesses.

Recycle everything that is recyclable.

Make a compost pile with your food waste, and invite worms to feast on it.

Take a shower instead of a bath, or share your bath with a friend.

owltalk 072

Do things for others or for the community. You volunteer at least two hours a week.

Buy fairtrade tea and coffee.

Try to stop the barrage of junk mail by signing off from bulk mailing lists.

Use the political process: vote at election time; speak out on issues.

Have never smoked or have now quit.


Your score: 0-5 you are a hopeless barbaric eco-hating hooligan.

6-10 you are not a hopeless case but you need to wise up.

10-15 you are a credit to the planet.

16-20 you are the savior of the planet. You deserve a throne next to Gandhi and Mother Teresa!




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