Try out a meat-egg-dairy-free meal for a cruelty free world says a wonderful book called Farmageddon The True Cost of Cheap Meat

Why we should eat less meat, and dairy products


In 2013 the Irish Food Safety Authority gave the world the shocking news that horsemeat was being sold to consumers in products labeled as beef!

The supermarket giant Tesco in Britain was the first to shudder under this horrid scandal. An “Everyday Value” beefburger from the store turned out to contain 29 per cent horse meat!


This fraudulent labeling scam spread out all over Europe! This is only one of the thousands of bleak, true stories about how cheap meat and factory farming are leading the world towards a massive global tragedy that will only take millions of lives, while animals suffer the most in this profiting from pain, in the book Farmageddon The True Cost of Cheap Meat by Philip Lymbery with Isabel Oakeshott.


It is very difficult to finish reading this book which will shock and startle every consumer who has ever gone to buy meat from the supermarket! It will also horrify any human being who cares about human and animal lives. New technologies promising farmers ever-greater yields has resulted in disaster as they worked for a short while and then crashed. In India, around 2,000,000 farmers have killed themselves since 1977, after falling into debt. They mortgage themselves to buy ‘’magic’’ genetically modified seed, then find out it does not suit their local conditions.


In the UK a couple of dozen farmer suicides would shock Britain. In India, the tragedy is hidden, silent and severe.


The writers as they researched for this book, tell us how in the United States, they stood amidst acres of almond trees, all in regimented rows, breathing in air so heavy with chemical sprays that it smelled like washing up liquid! There was not a blade of grass, nor butterfly, nor insect to be seen! Nearby was one of the mega- dairies of the state. Thousands of listless cows with udders the size of beachballs stood in the mud, waiting to be fed, milked, or injected with drugs.


There was no shortage of land, no logical reason for them not to be on grass!All this was not even working. A nearby farmer’s mega-dairy had gone out of business and he had killed himself!

In Peru they saw a malnourished child, covered in sores due to air pollution from the fish-processing industry. She could be health and well fed if only she were given the local anchovies destined for animal feed in Europe’s factory farms!


In Argentina the writer stood in a field of genetically modified soya as thousands of mosquitoes swarmed around his head!

In France they spoke to the family of a worker who had succumbed to toxic fumes as he cleared luminous green algae from a once unspoilt beach!


Every page of this book is filled with horrifying true stories telling us that unless we fight this global greed for profits and change our own consumer needs, chaos and total despair will rule.


The book makes one want to join the animal welfare organization: Compassion in World Farming.

It tells us what we as consumers can do:

  1. Buy local. Buy from local farmers’ markets. Buying local produce from the supermarket will also reduce your carbon ‘footprint’.
  2. Love leftovers, waste nothing. Avoiding wasting food is the easiest way to make a huge contribution to a better food system.
  3. It will help reduce the amount of land, water and oil, not to mention animal suffering, that currently goes into feeding landfill. It cuts down your food bill also.
  4. Avoid overeating meat. Going meat-free on Mondays is a simple step towards avoiding factory-farmed produce.
  5. To eat well and be light on the planet is to have meat-egg-and dairy free meals!


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