Are you an eco-sinner? Find out!

Are you an ‘Eco sinner’ or ‘socially minded saint” asks Michael Norton in his book 365 Ways to Change the World!


Tick each thing you do on a regular basis!


Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room.


Fill up your kettle with only as much water as you need.


Take your own bags when shopping.


Don’t leave the tap running when you are not using the water.


Put on a sweater in the house if you are feeling cold, instead of cranking up the heat.

Hang your clothes out to dry in the summer, rather than use a tumble drier!

Walk or ride a bike for short journeys, instead of using a car!


Pick up rubbish in the street when you see it.


Try to spread a little happiness. You smile at everyone and chat with your neighbours!


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