Aava Mineral Water makes false claims about its wonders!


Bottled water is always in the news, and always carries bad news! And yet we buy it as recklessly as we buy street food, often unhealthy!

The Advertising Standards Council of India has recently pulled up a mineral water company for making exaggerated, not substantiated claims!

And as the recent study on bottled drinking water done by the Centre for Science and Environment, found out, all the bottled water being sold in India is collected from municipal water! All the 17 brands tested by this centre had found pesticides in all of them!


So the cleanest water is the one you boil at home and carry in a bottle to work or wherever you go! For the environment too it is better to make your own drinking water and not help companies selling them, as they harm the planet!

Sheelpe Enterprise (Aava Mineral Water): The advertisement’s claim, “India’s Highest Selling Natural Mineral Water” was inadequately substantiated and is misleading by exaggeration. (from the website of the Advertising Standards Council of India, ASCI.



2 thoughts on “Aava Mineral Water makes false claims about its wonders!

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