Cat-gardening Chronicles 33

All about the Hibiscus and your own flowery shampoo!


Colours in the garden & a rat to blame on the napping!

lollypop 063

Cat-gardening chores become easier to deal with if there is a big, fat, hungry rat who lives just under the soil. He sneaks out in the night, digging huge holes everywhere, to tear up every plant, pot, leaf and flower it can grab.


Then we have the excuse “why bother gardening when the devil is in charge in this poor garden”. So as cat-gardeners catch up with their napping, the Zen they ooze out naturally, calms down the clutter and the clatter of everything gone nuts!

whitebutterflies 343

It is time to remember that squirrels like nuts more than bread, and a little or a large flat bowl of water in the garden will come in handy for the butterflies!


You might not be knowing that radish leaves are as tasty as radish and even healthier to have with the salad or the dal you put them in.


Did you know that the hibiscus is edible as well? You can put it in the dal, the vegetable curry or the starter as a crispy fried delight doused in corn flour, chilli powder, salt, ginger and garlic?


But as a show piece it is sometimes more dazzling than the rose itself!

It is also used to wash hair, being a very good shampoo. It helps to heal women’s ailments and is a very good plant to grow. It is easy to maintain and always adds real beauty to the garden.


Marigold petals are good to use as an ointment for humans. Make an ointment with them and use over skin eruptions.


You can make a light moisturizer using rose petals for a dry skin. Crush two large handfuls of fresh rose petals in one cup of boiling water. Leave to infuse until it is quite cold then strain and mix with cream. Store in pots in the refrigerator. If you mix the infusion with glycerine you get a lovely hand cream.


Another pretty plant to grow for medicinal uses for humans is the violet, or pansy. Its compress helps to treat rheumatism and painful joints! Equally good is the ginger, fresh or dry, put in one litre of water, heated, till the water turns yellow. Then add it to your bath water and use it up to bathe. Then have a nap like your cat does, and the aches will be soothed away. Ginger is very easy to grow in the garden.


Have you heard about catnep? It is a close cousin to catnip! Its scientific name is Nepeta Cateria L. It has heartshaped crinkly leaves, grows in the wild and has a soft down. The only similarity between this plant and catnip is that cats love both of them for making them feel drunk!

Catnep is full of vitamin C and makes a tasty drink for humans. They can drink it when they have a feverish cold. It will make them drowsy. It also helps to settle an upset stomach in humans.

FSCN3566 (1)

Catnep flowers also help to clear dandruff from human’s hair! You have to make a decoction with its flowers! It grows easily in the garden or you can buy it from some nurseries.

But the best kind of gardening is to remember to arrange some pillows around your ivies and money plants so your gardeners can get some much needed rest!


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