Cat-gardening Chronicles 32

Zen gems in the Cat Garden!



Cat-gardening involves the knack of being in the right place at the right time – like just fancying a nap by the rare ivy bought from a flower show. It is the ivy that always needs watering twice in this hot weather. So just being near it brings you some points.


Then there is that job of arranging a cool, serene, calming, healing rosy carpet of Zen messages all over the place which is easy. This chore fits in perfectly with that nap you have been dying to have just ten minutes after the first nap got over, to snack a little on the gourmet cat food before it vanishes.


The Zen markers for any given day are these: instead of watching Netflix, (that awful new movie The Outsider with Jared Leto in it, so boring and clichéd and trite) pet your cats as much as possible and feel the soothing energy seeping into you!


Then if you must watch Netflix continue watching Tabula Rasa, that mystery thriller which has this adorable, three legged, gentle silver grey cat in it, acting as well or perhaps better than all those humans in it. It is the tale of a young woman, a dancer, who loses her memory after an accident, and falls into this whirlpool of dread, ghouls or ghosts, family secrets and finally an asylum where she tries to solve the dilemmas in her life.




Somehow solitude and Zen mix and match like newly weds. We do solitude like no one else can. And as long as no butterfly or squirrel distracts us and turns solitude into something meaner, everyone is happy gardening!

P1260068 (1)

Zen in the garden grows its gentle lessons inside the stories that spill out of the green pages: the philodendron with its heart shaped bronze leaves that is kept carefully out of our reach as it is harmful for cats and humans too if they eat it, but which has decorated an old bottle green kettle gifted by a friend, with an exquisite green linen dress! It grows with just water too, inside a fish tank, a white glass bowl, and several gorgeous rose painted cups which lost their handles and are now gladly proclaiming themselves as the garden’s slinky models of magic green witchery!


The philodendron has also been growing sturdily inside the composting wooden box which had a lot of fish bones that the compost experts had said not to use. But magic sometimes gives its own advise to composting methods – another Zen garden gem!

P1260219 (1)

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