Wordless Wednesday’s Green Parlour



Wordless Wednesday’s Green Parlour



  1. A tree is always a blessing for the planet if you can grow one in your garden to welcome wildlife.
  2. But if you do not have the space to grow one, you can plant a climber, like the ivy along a fence or a wall. Ivies (Hedera spp) make glorious green carpeting, window borders, door dresses, wall scarves, garage hats and many other cheering and pretty decorations. They are also associated with some 230 species of animal, from insects to nesting birds.


  1. Ivies surprisingly are very good garden soldiers for attracting butterflies. If you are lucky, a hedgehog may even turn up to settle down behind the leafy pocket at the base!
  2. Safe flea and tick repellent: feed Brewer’s Yeast to pets with their food.
  3. Add one or two drops of lemon grass or citronella oil to the dog’s shampoo or in the last water rinse.

mohanthal 224Air freshener: leave an open box of baking soda in the room so it absorbs bad smells. It works almost like magic if the cat has urinated or shat on the bed or anywhere else! Though kitties are good and only do it when they are jealous of a new pet or have some small worry or problem to deal with!

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