Rediscovery Clinic in Delhi makes false claims about getting rid of your fat bulges!

I would rather be fat and cute than go to Rediscovery Clinic to get rid of my bulges and waste money!


Rediscover Clinic  Delhi has been found guilty of bluffing consumers by promising to ‘magically’ make them slimmer and the Advertisement Standards Council of India has made them remove their false advertisements. There is no proof that you will be rid of your bulges with help from Rediscover Clinic!

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This Clinic in Delhi offers health and nutrition lazer treatment for hair removal, skin treatment, body spas, face lifting, Ayurveda and most of all treatments for slimming.

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The ASCI’s latest news says about this place:

Rediscover Clinic: The advertisement’s claim, “Get rid of unwanted bulges”, “Quick reduction and lose up to eight centimetres from one area (non – surgical)”, and “Lose upto five kilograms”, were not substantiated with supporting clinical evidence, and with treatment efficacy data, and are misleading by exaggeration. Also, efficacy being depicted via images of before and after the treatment is misleading. Furthermore, the visual in the advertisement implies that a significant weight loss around tummy would be feasible, which is also grossly misleading .

So what consumers need to rediscover is what this Clinic is really all about, before spending their precious money on its false claims!

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