The Cat-gardening Chronicles 31



What we cat-gardeners notice is the huge lump of fury that tumbles down upon the human gardening with us when she finds a heap of used cigarettes thrown down upon her flat round bowl of water lettuce! They are a gift from her neighbor, who lives on the fifth floor next door. He sneaks up to the roof to smoke, away from his wife and finds our garden a good dustbin to throw his cigarettes in!


Before, the gardener who does all the watering, would try to recover her calm by listening to Pavarotti’s Nessum Dorma, Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary which is even likely to get us to do the watering, or Ravel’s Bolero as she pulled out the cigarettes and threw them away. Now she adds them to the compost, where it does do some good to the soil!


Vitamin A rich carrots should be eaten daily by humans, in soups, rice, or salads. But they are good for cats as well and we are beginning to see them grated and in the orange color rice with the fresh fish improving the taste! A tinge of turmeric added is helping to heal small wounds on fur too.


Garlic pods that had been planted in a round bowl began to grow within three days which was astounding. The ginger was planted later and is still to come up. Whether garlic is good for cats or not is still in debate. Cats will say no thank you to it. But some herbalists say that half a pod of it, cooked with food is very good for healing wounds. For humans it is almost a magical home remedy for treating a ear ache. Twenty or thirty pods fried in oil, then cooled and applied to the ear after a few hours, is an excellent medicine. It eats up the pain.

dahlia 3

If you spray a solution of catnip on your plants it will keep insects away from them says one expert. It even works to keep catterpillars and some worms away. Cucumber and cucumber peelings can be used as insect repellents. The seeds ground into a powder and made into an infusion will repel worms, fleas, ants and some beetles.


A very good trick for getting rid of rodents is to place a few drops of catnip oil on a cotton ball and place it where these pests appear!


the catnip pose needs no practice at all!

Did you know that cats are able to produce vitamin C themselves? Humans must be sure to consume enough of it in their food!


Try this unusual vegetarian treat for your cat and see if they liked it!


Snow Peas “Sweet Snout”

One portion for one feline gourmet.


1 tsp. oil

40 g. or one fourth cup snow peas

one tsp. cider vinegar

one tsp. soy sauce

one fourth cup rice


Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the snow peas. Add the cider vinegar and soy sauce, stir frequently and simmer for approximately 10 minutes.


Bring the salt water to the boil, sprinkle in the rice, bring to the boil again quickly and cook at reduced heat and let the rice swell up.

Cut the pods into small pieces, mix with the rice and yeast flakes and serve.


From: Cooking for Cats: Elizabeth Meyer zu Stieghorst-Kastrup.

den of daisies



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