Fairness Creams have toxic mercury inside them, warns the Centre for Science and Environment!

A red dress is a better buy than a red lipstick or whitening cream!

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Fairness Creams or whitening creams are all over the world, enticing women and even men with whiter skins. They are trying to make us believe that white skin is better than any other skin, which is silly and racist and dumb.


But worse, when the Centre for Science and Environment had tested these weird whitening creams available in India, both foreign and local brands, they had found mercury in 44 per cent of the Fairness Creams!

Three creams had this toxic heavy metal in excessof the 1 ppm (parts per million) the maximum limit applicable in the US!

Aroma Magic Fair Lotion (product of Blossom Kochhar Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd.) had the highest mercury level at 1.97 ppm followed by Olay Natural White product of Procter & Gamble, India, and Ponds White Beauty of Hindustan UniLever Ltd. the CSE had said in its study.


The other problem with using the foreign whitening creams is that they are tested on small, gentle, silent, helpless animals, terrifying and tormenting them to death, just to make your fairness creams safe for you! And despite the testing with animals, these products are still not safe for you!

Black is so gorgeous! Do you want me to die for you to use a whitening cream?

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Besides who really wants to look fairer than anything else? Why can’t we look brown, dusky, wheat coloured, black as midnight, orange as the sun, because that is our natural beauty?!

Why should we pay to look freakishly white, by creams that have wounded animals for no reason, and then paid too much for such atrocious beauty products? Isn’t that idiotic? Spend your money on a lovely new red dress instead or on a book!


From the study done by Centre for Science and Environment


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