Arsenic & a terrified animal for BEAUTY!

Sunday’s flowers vote for less cosmetics


In 2012 Nigeria’s research of cosmetics in that country found that heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and nickel had sneaked into almost all cosmetics sold there!

Then in Nepal too there was bad news about these so called beauty enhancers. The Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED), a non-profit organization in Nepal checked out lipsticks for heavy metals and found that the average lead content in the samples was over 900 times the USFDA standard of 0.1 ppm!

DSC_5715 (1)

What they found out about whitening products was just as scary! Of the seven samples collected, two contained mercury levels above the USFDA standards. Garnier Skin Naturals had the highest – 0.521 ppm – levels of mercury!


The worst true story came from Sri Lanka’s non-profit Centre for Environmental Justice! It found high levels of mercury in 25 skin whitening products selling there. A whitening spot cream called Pai Mei imported from China contained a thumping 30,167 ppm (parts per million) of mercury!


Add to this horrible beauty concoction the fact that to test such beauty products chemicals are instilled into the eyes of conscious rabbits, held in stocks. The test can take upto seven days and they cannot produce enough tears to wash the substance away. Rabbits are cheap, easy to handle and, unfortunately for them, they have big eyes, says Living Without Cruelty.


So switch to cruelty free brands of cosmetics, if at all you think you need them. Once you learn to love your inner beauty, such cosmetics will lose their allure. In 1988, 16,989 animals died testing such products in British laboratories. Nothing much seems to have changed even today though India has now stopped animal testing for beauty products etc. in India which is something to be proud of.


But many of the big brands of foreign cosmetics maim, mangle, brutalise rabbits, cats, other small animals for their ‘beauty’ business. As this poem by J.O. Salmond says:



Lonely and





For a Beauty Aid



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