Centre for Science and Environment has found heavy metals, chromium and nickel in some Indian and foreign lipsticks sold in India

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The Centre for Science and Environment, Delhi had tested 30 Indian and foreign lipsticks sold here, to find out if they contained heavy metals. Their results were worrying. 50 per cent of the lipsticks tested contained chromium and more than 43 per cent had nickel.


Lipsticks Hearts & Tarts (080V)Shade of ColorBar had the highest concentration of the metal. Chromium is not allowed in India. Such high levels of chromium in lipsticks is worrying and could cause lung cancer, the CSE has warned.


It asked Hindustan UniLever about the presence of heavy metals in Ponds and Fair & Lovely creams. He said these were naturally occurring during production. But the colourants used in them are responsible.


Of the 30 lipsticks tested for lead, cadmium, chromium and nickel, CSE found mercury present in 44 per cent of fairness creams while 50 per cent lipsticks had chromium and more than 43 per cent had nickel.


California researchers tested lipsticks of 32 brands available in America and found high levels of heavy metals in them such as titanium, manganese, aluminium, cadmium, chromium, and manganese. Lead was found in 75 per cent of the lipsticks tested. It can affect the kidneys and liver, and cause cancer.

Neena Khanna Professor of Dermatology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences told CSE that there has been a sharp increase in skin problems due to the use of cosmetics.

Sion Hospital in Mumbai has seen the same problems occurring there. Women using lipsticks have complained about skin pigmentation and itching around the lips!


Lipsticks  are the most heartbreaking, heartrending, horrifying enemies to the voiceless, hopeless, helpless animals on whom they are tested, to prove that they are safe! While these little rabbits or cats die for these ridiculous products women and even children use them and still get itching around the lips! Where is the sense in using lipsticks? Or even making them? Only Profits! Huge Profits! At the cost of not only animals, but women and children too it appears.




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