The Cat-gardening Chronicles (30) warns you about PepsiCo’s Lays which aren’t Snack Smart after all!

The Cat-gardening Chronicles 30


The art and craftiness of Zen Gardening!


Cat-gardeners practice the secretive art of Zen Gardening by using these simple tips: while someone is watering, sweeping out, composting and replanting, we watch like hawks to ensure nothing is left undone.



Bit by bit, as the sun warms our faces, and a lot of exercise is got by all concerned, and the catnip, the spider plants and the lemon grass have been watered and repotted wherever possible, Zen slowly puts its paws around the garden and hugs it.


You can apply Zen to your gardening in any way you like. If you have too much garlic and ginger lying around, just put them in empty pots and make yourself extras! If you are a little stressed out from bad neighbours or creepy shop-keepers, or rude bank officials, or whatever, perhaps watching too much television, watch your cat gardeners as they take in a much deserved snooze and that alone will get you out of your sour mood, besides giving you vital exercise.


The meditation spell that your cat-gardeners gift you is not available anywhere else in the world!


Another thing we can teach you all is to live for the moment! Just worry about where today’s catnip is coming from and if the fresh fish has arrived. Watch less television and read more books.


Have you read anywhere that if you want to keep your cats away from your favourite plants in the garden, you can place an old piece of garden hose around? It is supposed to scare them half to death, as they are afraid of snakes! Well we can tell you that this trick does not work! We are not THAT stupid!

A better idea mentioned is to grow a large thatch of catnip surrounded by spider plants at the end of your garden where we might possibly choose to settle down. But again that is not guaranteed!

You must have also read that catnip affects cats the way LSD affects a man or a woman! Well this is very true, we can vouch for it!


What not to feed yourself!


For this chronicle we will talk about what you should eat and what you can avoid! The Centre for Science and Environment has found that PepsiCo’s Lays (Snack Smart) is really not all that smart! They tested it and found it had 3.7 grams of trans fats per 100 grams of the product! But consumers are not told this on the packet! The reality is that one in every eight Indians is obese! Trans fat clogs the arteries and more salt increases blood pressure!


So it would be better to eat more baked snacks, preferably home cooked!




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