Sunday’s Flowers remind you to eat up your bread crusts…for the Planet!

Sunday’s flowers show you how to not waste food!


Farmers, manufacturers, supermarkets and buyers in North America and Europe discard up to half of their food – enough to feed all the world’s hungry at least three times over, according to Tristram Stuart in his alarming and heart rending book Waste Uncovering The Global Food Scandal.


But he also comforts us with the news that there are Islands of Hope in this shameful, unforgivable wastage! They are Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. They are now showing that waste can be stopped, if we are firm about it.


And we as consumers can also start in small ways to fight waste like the vampire it has become, making the poor, even hungrier, thinner and desolate.


Tristram tells us to start today! Before you go to your favourite shop, write a shopping list, at home, after checking exactly what you still have in the fridge or cupboard!

In the shop turn your back to tempting offers, to make you buy things you really are not going to consume!


When cooking, measure food portions to avoid preparing more than you need.

Get smart about using up leftovers.

Take them to work for lunch the next day instead of buying that boring sandwich!

Leftover meat, fish, and vegetables make tasty soups, stews, curries, or sandwiches.

Version 2

Buy the bread loaf the household will get through before it goes stale. Freeze surplus bread, or dry it out and turn it into breadcrumbs. Eat your crusts!

Remember this: Those crusts are at least 10 per cent of a loaf, so throwing them away is equivalent to throwing away 10 per cent of the arable land used to grow them!


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Flowers remind you to eat up your bread crusts…for the Planet!

    1. Yes Mary I am trying to do that too. But when I read about the amount wasted by big companies what we do seems very paltry. the book tells us that the Japanese keep serving extra food even when their guests are full! so it all goes to waste!

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