2 Slimming Clinics tell fat lies to obese persons!

.I am a bit on the fatter side but will not waste my rupees on Fat Lies! 

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The Advertising Standards Council of India had to put this firm called Mission Health in its place for making false claims in its advertisement to lure the fat and the obese to their clinic, hoping to lose weight in a month!

Mission Health : The advertisement’s claims, “Now to get slim is no more a dream”, “Yes, it is possible with our 4 – D Slimming Clinic”, and “Lose five to seven kilograms, ten to 15 centimetres in just one month”, were not substantiated with supporting clinical evidence, and with treatment efficacy data, and are misleading by exaggeration . The visual in the advertisement implies a significant weight loss which is also grossly misleading .

The best and honest way to lose weight is to exercise, walk to and from your favourite places, and take lemon juice and honey mixed with water in the morning! (from: Home Remedies with Materia Medica) by Fr. Meloo, S.J.

Switch to Stevia from sugar. This plant is almost sixty times sweeter than sugar and will not add to your weight!



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