The Cat-gardening Chronicles 29

No more Tuna for your cats!


Your gardening simply cannot include PEAT!


The bad news for us cat-gardeners in this garden at least is that the lemon grass is almost finished and a fresh one better be bought really fast!

The very bad news is that peat soils are drained and ploughed and many gardeners are still using this precious material for gardening. In eastern England, peat loss and shrinkage continues at a rate of about 1 to 2 centimeters per year. In some places the peat has already shrunk to the point where the clay beneath is exposed! This will affect food production. Research also shows that the exposed lowland peatlands of England could be emitting nearly 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year!


If we were able to buy four plants grown in pots of peat just a few months ago from a nursery in India, it means that the rest of the gardening world is buying peat as well! Despite warnings, 65 per cent of growing media used by ‘home’ gardeners is peat-based! In Northern Ireland more than 50 per cent of peat bogs have been demolished! An area 10 times the size of Monaco – of peat bog a year are destroyed to supply peat to gardens in the UK!


There are now several alternatives to use instead of peat: homemade compost, farmyard manure, leaf-mold, nettles, hay, mushroom compost, straw etc. Keep peat for the planet to recover.

albert 910

Always grow something in your garden for you to eat. Put vegetable peelings and other kitchen waste into a shallow pit. Cover it over with earth, then grow next season’s vegetables on top!

bestgerbera 2

These three plants are very useful for keeping pests away from your roses: they are garlic, coriander and petunias! You can also add onions to these warriors!


Tuna is not the best food for your cat!


All commercially fished species of tuna are now endangered. Besides they are also linked heavily with the killing of dolphins in the nets used to catch them! So give your cat other kinds of fish!


Try this healthy Runcible Red Snapper!


One cup red snapper, grilled, de-boned and flaked

One heaped tablespoon cooked millet

One heaped tablespoon pumpkin, cooked and pureed.

Mix all the ingredients together.


From: The Healthy Cat Book by Alexandra Bastedo and Jeannie Kemnitzer.








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