Make your own Wrinkle Cream…with roses!

Why not make your own wrinkle cream?


Anti-ageing creams may be filling up millions of shelves in super markets and malls and may be getting bought as recklessly and unhealthily as potato chips on sale!


When ever I shop in malls and supermarkets in the UK or in America I am always aghast at the way potato chips are sold in abundance with very alluring ‘buy one and get two free’ or some such thing! Now all of us like potato chips! And it is hard to resist that ‘free’ tag! And yet one feels that being lured by fattening potato chips is far better than buying those wrinkle creams! Chips are cheap and you can walk them off! I always run behind my small market kitten I had brought home some months ago, to shower her with the lemon rinse that fights the fleas on her fur when potato chips and watching The Office (both English and American) make me laugh too much!

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And now here is one more wrinkle cream showing its true colours in that very useful trial done by WHICH? The independent consumer guide (UK) which selected 12 anti-ageing creams and 12 ordinary moisturisers. The pots of creams were masked so that the women did not know what they were using. They were asked to rate their skin before, during and after the trial! When they were asked to guess whether they had been using wrinkle creams or moisturisers, the answers were hilarious!


Oil of Ulay Daily Renewal Cream was used in this trial. Its price was 7.19 pounds for 50 ml. The price estimated by the users was 9.33 pounds. Its claims: goes beyond wrinkle reduction to leave your skin glowing with renewed radiance. Stimulates the natural renewal process.

User’s verdict: half the users thought it was an anti-ageing cream. Some felt the look of their skin had improved and the others said it had worsened! The feel of their skin had either not changed or it had improved.

For fine lines and wrinkles, the women were mixed between no change and improvement!

One woman said the differences she noticed were also noticed by her friends. There were no side effects. The women felt the cream was easily absorbed and they thought it was fresh smelling!


The dermatology expert used by WHICH? For this study said that the low concentrations in which the beta-hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) is used in these products was not likely to do much to improve the wrinkled skin!


Then there is this very easy and quick way to make your very own attar of roses at home, which sells for one hundred dollars or more an ounce! For extracting the exquisite oil of roses use olive or almond oil. Place dried rose petals in a glass pot and cover with the finest grade of oil, whether olive or almond. Simmer over a very low heat until the oil has fully extracted the colour of the roses and their perfume, says Virginia Castleton Thomas in her book My Secrets of Natural Beauty. She was the Beauty Editor of Prevention Magazine.


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