Cat-gardening chronicles 28

Gardening helps cats to meditate about De-Clawing Vets & dumb owners!



Most of us choose cat-gardening as a profession because it gives us a chance to sit down and meditate and drive the demons of de- clawing vets and mad owners who love furniture but go and get cats instead, out of our minds!




Here is a general purpose insect spray to get rid of your pests from the garden. Try spraying with a mild solution of washing-up liquid. It works well to get rid of many common pests.


To get rid of moles without harming them, try burying empty bottles up to their necks in the garden – moles are said to dislike the sound of the wind as it blows across the open tops! You can also treat the runs with a harmless chemical called ammonium sulphate, which will also drive off the cats, if you don’t like us ornamenting the plants!


This is a really useful tip: give your cat a sardine or two once a month to keep its fur from balling! It relieves constipation too!


Try this exercise with your cat: attach a ball of crushed paper to a piece of string. Tie it to you foot. Practice kicking so that the cat jumps up after it. It will give both of you a good stretch! Or tie a piece of string with a soft ball at the end of a coat hanger hung high enough for your kitten so it can enjoy batting it around!


We have all been treated to small cups of yoghurt instead of milk and we are all enjoying this new taste! Some of us like cheese too, but not all of us!


In our garden we see a weekly use of neem solution to wash all the plants with, and especially the Night Queen, a scented flower that is attacked by pests all too often. It is produced from the margosa tree and there are around 150 insects that are repelled by the extracts from this tree! Neem oil solutions are available in every plant nurseries now.


If you love your cat you will not feed it purely vegetarian food only or horrors, dog food! This will cause a taurine deficiency and could make us blind. But fibre rich vegetarian nourishment is good for us if you add it to our meat diets. Fish and vegetables such as potatoes must be cooked.

blackkitty 2

If your cats like cheese you can make them this treat – Tomcat Charlie’s cheese balls.


  1. 200 g. (one and a half cups) grated Swiss cheese.
  2. yoghurt
  3. or half cup cooked rice or oat flakes
  4. low fat margarine
  5. 2 TBS grated hazelnuts or coconut.
  6. Mix the grated cheese well with the yoghurt and oat flakes or rice and the low fat margarine.
  7. Shape the mixture into little balls. Put the grated hazelnuts or coconut into a little bowl and toss the balls in the bowl to coat. (one portion for two feline gourmets).

From: Cooking for cats by Elizabeth Meyer zu Stieghorst-Kastrup.


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