Wordless Wednesday’s shopping tips:

Wordless Wednesday’s shopping tips: what to look for


Choose natural face and body products. If you are buying an antibacterial face wash look out for Triclosan, Benzalkonium chloride, Chlorohexidine as they could cause skin irritation, promote bacterial resistance. Also found in toothpaste and mouthwash.


While buying deodorants with the ingredient being aluminium, look out for Aluminium chlorohydrate, Aluminium zirconium. The worrying effects are: Neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer’s disease. May also contribute to heart and lung disease and fertility problems. Also found in many make up products.


Face and body lotions: mineral oils. What to look for: Parafinnum liquidum, Petrolatum. Worrying effects: skin irritants, allergens, potential carcinogens. Also found in baby oils and lipsticks.


From: A Slice of Organic Life Editor-in-chief Sheherazade Goldsmith.


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