Happiness arranges itself….


Happiness sometimes arranges itself

Around the dregs, diseases and drab

Ingredients of a suddenly grotesque


Broken cottage of your existence and

You find this mystifying secretive tiny

Garden growing around the aches &

Pains and severe boils of battles lost!


You pick yourself up in bits and bags

Of memory, attention, detail and choice

You are out of cat food as that nice home

Delivery guy is busy, so you remember


Not to call that other home delivery

Geek who had left you with four wet

Rain soaked bags the last time, so it

Smelled and your cats glared at you


So badly you still feel the shame of it!

Instead you take that over due long

Walk to that friendly store which has

Everything that anyone in the world


Could want! Nothing is missing there!

So you get your cat food from there and

Remember not to walk with all that

Heavy load, like the last time, when the


Back ache was so horrifying that only

The magic of garlic oil curing you in

Two days, instead of two weeks the

Pain killer took, along with side effects


Then you realize that the purple Gynura

So difficult to grow, say all the experts

Is growing happily inside six new pots

Where you arranged its cuttings, and


Even the guilt you felt with the four

Peat pots of ivy that you had bought

Till you read that peat is the last thing

All gardeners must buy now, as it is very


over used and is darkly affecting the planet!

Is reduced as the Gynura is thriving there

And makes the guilt a little less aching!

Tiny, tender, buckets of balm swirl over


This grotesque time till it all arranges

Itself into that carpet of calm & a batch

Of restoration & resilience and comfort

Till happiness seems to have invited you

To try out this brand new recipe from hope?







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