One more wrinkle cream confuses the users!Vegetable oils are better!

One more anti-wrinkle cream confuses women who used it!


When WHICH? The independent consumer guide waded through the massive stocks of anti-ageing, youth promising creams and lotions filling up shops all over the market, they tested some of these with 96 women aged between 40 and 55. They were non-smokers and had not used these creams before.


One of these creams was RoC Retinol ACTIF PUR MOISTURISING ANTI-WRINKLE DAY DREAM. Its price then was 16.95 pounds for 30ml. The average price estimated by the users was 6.67 pounds! Ingredients include retinol, UV filter (SPF 8) and it claims to visibly reduce wrinkles in 12 weeks!


The user’s verdict after four weeks, were mixed as to whether the overall look and feel of the skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles stayed the same or improved! After 12 weeks, one of the users said her skin looked and felt younger but others reported no change or that the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles was worse! Two of the users said their skin tingled when they first started to use the cream!


Says Pat Thomas in the book What’s In This Stuff? that recent evidence suggests that in the attempt to look younger many women remove the superficial layers of their skin with chemical peels such as passion-flower or citrus extract, lactic acid and other harsh exfoliants which can actually cause premature ageing! So wrinkle creams could worsen the wrinkles!


This book suggests using natural vegetable oils for the skin like almond, coconut, jojoba, soya, carrot, wheatgerm, macadamia, olive and avocado oils.


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2 thoughts on “One more wrinkle cream confuses the users!Vegetable oils are better!

  1. I am 25. Right now, I look and feel great in my body. I am starting to get a few strands of grey hair here and there but nothing that shows yet. Do I want to dye my hair? No. My skin will start to get wrinkles and I will start looking old in a few years, perhaps decades. But will I want to force myself to use these things that people sell as anti-ageing creams and tonics and lotions? No. I want to work hard on my body. I want it to look good, not because I used a lotion on it but because the muscles are worked and are tough…I want to feel good in my body because I worked hard on it and see results…..that’s just what I think…for those who are looking for anti-ageing products, I wish they just switched to eating healthy, feeling happy and working out.

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